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Through out my life, I’ve been able to cross paths with some extraordinary people. These individuals have risen up to the top of their profession by putting in the work and mastering their craft. A few weeks ago by happenstance I was able to cross paths with someone whom I met during my high school years. Even though we attended different schools were where both involved with an activity that brought us together. His name is Jimmy Chin. He and his production made the film, Free Solo. Free Solo is about Alex Honnod’s climb up El Captain with NO GEAR. (Side note: if you haven’t seen this film, go see it.)

My husband and I happen to be traveling through Boulder when the film was being released. It happened that Jimmy and his team were giving a talk after the film. I was able to catch a few minutes with Jimmy after the talk. We were catching up, when an earnest fan interrupted us. He wanted a photo with Jimmy and asked, “how to did you learn how to climb?”

There was a pause, Jimmy and I locked eyes, the corners of mouths turned up, he replied,

“I started.”

My friends, I think of Jimmy’s response often. Learning to do a new thing, pursue a dream involves 1 singular thing — action or beginning. You have to start somewhere.

When I began marbling, it was disaster however, I kept at it every chance I could, each time I worked I learned and moved my understanding of the craft forward. The important takeaway is: