Five years ago, I was wandering through the craft section at the library; I came across a book about marbling. I instantly fell in love and decided I must do it.

I checked out the book and began experimenting. Through a series of trials and errors (mostly errors). I taught myself how to marble. Not knowing that the best resource for marbling was right in my own neighborhood. 

One day while at the Open Book (a place where organizations and people love everything to do with books converge). I discovered a place called, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, had classes about marbling! I showed up for a class and never looked back. 

Since that fateful day, I've been marbling non-stop. Traveling around the world learning from some of the best in the field and a steady marbling practice. I've been able to build up my craft to being able to teach it to others. (I LOVE teaching marbling!) I teach ages 2 to 102. (I am not kidding about the 102 part). 

I marble on anything I can get my hands on from paper, wood, to fabrics. 

I've dedicated my life to teaching, creating handmade papers, fabrics and supplies. I hope you find as much joy from my work as I do!